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Online Display :: Cooked and Sliced Meats, Pies and Pasties

We offer a diverse range of high quality cooked meats that are popular all year round. We offer only high quality locally sourced meats. All the cooked meats are prepared, cooked, pressed, sliced in house. It is then packed into convenient 0.25Kg packages.

Our Pies and Pasties are prepared by our staff in the Okehampton shop using only quality ingredients and of course, our quality meat.



Cooked & Sliced :: Ham

Smoked Ham

Cooked & Sliced :: Smoked Ham


Cooked & Sliced :: Pork


Cooked & Sliced :: Beef


Cooked & Sliced :: Turkey

Corned Beef

Cooked & Sliced :: Corned Beef

Ox Tongue

Cooked & Sliced :: Ox Tongue

Pies and Pasties

Cooked & Pies & Pasties
If you have any questions, or to place an order, please to call Andy on 06147 432461 or Phil on 01837 52114